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Established in 1873, the ILA aims to bring together scholars, lawyers, advocates and practitioners interested in public and private international law.

The Hellenic Branch is one of the 63 national - regional branches of the International Law Association around the world, providing a forum for discussion of various international legal issues. First established in 1911, it took its present form in 1998 and now is one of the oldest branches of the network, operating under the approval of the Executive Council.

Our work focuses on the field of international law, with actions such as (but not limited to) conferences, seminars, meetings in Greece and abroad, participation in ILA committees, as well as establishment of partnership with institutional factors of the international community who share the same objectives. We practice and promote both public and private international law, fields that are as prominent as ever before and constitute structural parts of the international community shaping the dynamics around us.

ILA Greece members share a common passion in contributing to the development of international law and raising public awareness. Our members, under our statute, consist of “persons who have at least a post-graduate degree in international law or recognized professional involvement in international law matters as well as legal entities with their seat in Greece and objectives related to those of the Association”. However, upon application and decision of the Board Directors, students with exceptional performance in the field of international law may as well be admitted as members.

We encourage academics, lawyers, practitioners and students who are interested in international legal studies to join the Branch and become a part of this important work of providing an intellectual space where crucial issues of international law can be discussed.

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